Important dates

Registration conditions

  1. The language of the contest is English. All written contest materials will be in English. Usage of dictionaries is allowed and encouraged.
  2. To participate in the contest you must be a member of a registered team. A team consists of three members. Participants may register from any country. You can enter your team through the Team Registration page.
  3. Taking part in the contest is free of charge; the only requirement is that every team member has to hand in their Curriculum Vitae (CV) in English. CVs will be handed over to our sponsors for recruiting purposes only. Participating means that you agree with the fact that we hand over your CV to our sponsors.
  4. The contest consists of two rounds: electronic contest (EC) is an online qualification round for all registered teams, then 28 selected teams can participate in the finals, the 24 hour on site contest in Budapest.
  5. We hold an optional test competition (PreEC) to test our system for the EC. Achievements during the PreEC have no consequences later in the competition. Participation is completely optional, but we encourage teams to familiarize themselves with our submission system and the general atmosphere of the contest.
  6. The best teams of the EC are invited to the finals. Teams who achieved 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in the finals of the previous year are automatically invited to this year's finals; they do not have to participate in the electronic contest.
  7. One member of a team may be replaced before the finals if it turns out to be impossible for him or her to participate in the finals in Budapest.
  8. Privacy policy

Electronic Contest

  1. The date of Electronic Contest is published on the schedule page. The teams will be presented a set of algorithmic tasks, announced on this website at exactly 10:00am server time (CET). After downloading the tasks in a .zip file (documentation will be provided in PDF and HTML format), you will have exactly 4 hours to solve them.
  2. The solutions must be uploaded to our server (just like you did with your CVs), at any time during the 4 hours of the contest, one file for each task. Be quick, because during the evaluation, the time of upload will be taken into account, so the quicker you've solved a problem the more chance you've got to be among the best teams.
  3. No solutions are accepted after 02:00pm server time (CEST).
  4. You can use anything (any programming language, any development tool) to solve the tasks, including any resource on the Internet, but you do not have to be online for the whole time of the contest, only when uploading.
  5. The only restriction is that teams must not publish their solution during the 4 hours of the contest or otherwise cooperate with someone outside the team.


  1. Participants are free to use any resources they want, but after the tasks are announced, no further book or any other device or resource can be brought to the contest site. External help is prohibited.
  2. During the 24 hours of the contest the usage of the Internet is forbidden.
  3. On the contest's site only tables, chairs, lighting and one power outlet are provided, so any other necessary equipment (calculator, printer, network, extension cords, paper, pen, etc.) has to be brought by the team.
  4. The contest site is strictly guarded, so equipment is only allowed to be brought in if the proper manufacturing data is stated in the registration form. We have to ask you to prepare a hard copy of these data for the on-site registration.
  5. Accommodation is also available at the official hostel of the contest, upon payment of compensation. The organizers may decide to spend some of the sponsored resources on paying partly or fully for such accommodation instead of the contestants. More details will be published before the finals.
  6. Any photograph, interview, and video taken on behalf of the organizers during the contest may be displayed on the contest website or in press releases related to this or upcoming competitions without compensation.