Privacy policy (1.1)

1. Terms

You/your/contestant means the contestant who fills in the registration form. We/our/us means the Challenge24 organizer team. PreEC is the Preliminary Electronic Contest. EC is the Electronic Contest. Finals is the final round of the contest. Anonymized data is derived from accurate data in a way that it is impossible to conclude any personal data or personal identity of contestants from the data. Sponsors are contracted organizations/companies who sponsor the event.

2. Registration

By filling in the registration form, you accept all terms of this Privacy Policy.

We try to collect and handle as few personal data for as short time as possible. We also offer ways to request removal of non-anonymized personal data from our own databases.

3. Organizer

3.1. Public data

3.2. Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information Registration Number

4. Types of personal data

4.1. Public data

The following data collected during the registration is handled as public and may be stored indefinitely: Since this data is anonymized, there is no way to request removal of any data falling in this category. We are free to publish, store and transfer public data as we see fit.

4.2. Personal data for the finals

Furthermore we need to collect the following personal data for organizing the Finals. Those contestant that accept the invitation to the finals also must supply this data. We handle Personal data for the finals for until 1 month after the finals exclusively for organizing the finals. Personal data for the finals may be shared with 3rd party suppliers only in anonymized form (e.g. the number of different sized T-shirts when ordering them). Personal data for the finals:

We delete such data upon request on the team page; however deleting such data may disqualify the team from the contest.

4.3. Personal data shared with our sponsors

To attract sponsors, we share the following data with them: We may store this data for 12 months after the finals and they are automatically deleted afterwards. Our sponsors may use this data for recruiting purposes for at most 24 months after the finals - this is an explicit term in the sponsoration contract.

The participants will receive information about sponsors eight days before the sharing. You can find the actual sponsors here. We can inform you about the sharing process whithin five years (under Hungarian laws).

We may use this data to produce and publish anonymized; such data sets must contain the aggregate anonymized data of at least 20 teams to avoid any chance of identification of contestants.

We are allowed to read and evaluate your CV before we decide to accept it. We are not allowed to use your "personal data shared with our sponsors" in any other way than those documented in section 4.3.

We delete such data from our databases upon request on the team page; however deleting such data may disqualify the team from the contest. We are not responsible for deleting data from the databases of our sponsors. Upon request we provide a list of contact information to refer to with removal requests from each sponsor's database.

4.4. Extra restriction on handling contact information (the no-spam rule)

We will use contact information, especially your email address, to notify you about upcoming events, as long as we are allowed to store your contact information (see point 4.3.). However, the number of notification emails after the finals until your contact information is deleted must be less than 4. Counting restarts if you register again with the same contact information the next year.

As stated in 4.3., it is possible to request removing contact information. Especially, it is possible to request removal of contact information from our database so that we will not send notifications. Doing this after the finals will not lead to disqualification.

4.5. Certificates

We may provide printed certificates for the finalists on the finals. However, we can not provide certificates after the finals - especially that we will not have all the data necessary after removing personal data from our database as mandated by points 4.2 and 4.3.

4.6 Press

When we publish press releases, we may publish the first six teams with member names.

5. Versions and changes

We may publish new versions of this document between the finals and the PreEC. However, once you register and accept a specific version of this document, that will be in effect for your data, until: We may ask but not force you to accept a new version; staying with an older version never means disqualification. However, a new registration always means accepting the latest version of the document, even if the same personal data is provided.

6. Who manage your data?

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