Electronic Contest

Results coming soon (Est. Sunday evening), with EC invitation

Electronic Contest Announcements (April 30th)


Challenge24, is one of the few team contests where participants are free to choose their tools, platforms and programming languages, and problems are presented only using open file formats.

15th Challenge24: 4000EUR

Electronic Contest Announcements

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EC: 10:00-14:00 (CEST), 30th April

As we have published in the rules, we published the official EC length:

30th April 10:00-14:00 (CEST - Central European Summer Time)


Congratulation oneiric_onion!

Thank you for your Pre-EC participation! We hope you enjoy the task. After evaluation mistake (time penalty was enabled), we published the final scores. Thanks for your Pre-EC participation, we found some bugs in our system, what we can repaire till EC.

See you soon!


08:00 Check, how the EC works

Submission site is not working.

PreEC announcements


inner: MNdfgl168wBBcnB

outer: W7xn70FW2my8Y6F


server: irc.ch24.org (using the default 6667 port)

channel: #16ch24

Online IRC client: kiwiirc

Challenge24 embeded IRC site



Download and share your favourite poster!

16th Challenge24


Dear contestants!

The registration has started!

Important dates:

Official in this year: Challenge24 Hungarian Cup for the best Hungarian teams (International Finalist and maximum ten more Hungarian teams)



Congratulations to the team HoChockiGon

  1. HoChockiGon (Poland) - 6 163 points
  2. PrecisionScrewdrivers (Poland) - 5 449 points
  3. Charles_University_Legion (Slovakia & Czech Republic) - 5 347 points
  4. MagowiePsychodeliczn... (Poland) - 4 945 points
  5. IlI (Spain) - 4 807 points
  6. aimfund (Russia) - 4 711 points

Hungarian Cup 2015

Congratulations to the team Sparrows

You can download the problem set here.


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Pictures of Jubilee 15th Challenge24 - 2015

Live stream (recorded)

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