Networking during the finals


Please read our howto on connecting your computers to our network during the finals.

EC results


The EC results are on the team list page.

Congratulation to the winning team HoChockiGon and thanks to all the participants.

30 teams can participate in the finals, but the first 50 teams will be invited as usual, details will be in e-mail (see FAQ).

All materials and write-ups will be in the archive. (it will take a few days to collect so check back and if you have a writeup, solution or criticism then drop us a link on the #challenge24 irc channel and we will publish it on the EC writeup page).

If you haven't yet filled in the post-EC poll then log into your team page and please do so (this optional feed-back is useful for us).

Pre-EC results


Pre-EC results are on the team list page.

Congratulation to the team donnu who got the highest scores.

All materials and write-ups are in the archive as usual.

Pre-EC on this weekend


As in previous years, there will be a "demo round" one week before the EC, called the Pre-EC. This gives you the opportunity to test our submission interface and the evaluation process, and lets us check our infrastructure. You can also use the Pre-EC's problems to practice handling the file formats you may have to deal with during the EC. We think it's highly advisable to try the Pre-EC.

The Pre-EC is 12 hours long to accommodate various timezones and schedules, but it doesn't typically require more than a couple of hours to solve the tasks.



If you've been prevented from entering the competition before by the costs of finding a hotel room in Budapest, we have good news: we will provide accommodation in a hotel to every team in the finals, free of cost. Rooms are available between May 1st and May 5th - so you'll have some time to do some sight-seeing in Budapest, if you'd like. As in past years, there will be some common activities, with optional participation.

For team coaches, significant others, unofficial teams etc., we can offer rooms in the same hotel for 22 EUR/night/person. After the EC, there will be a web survey where the winning teams can request accommodation.


Winners of 2013
Winners of 2012

Get ready for the EXTREME challenge!

The International 24-hour Programming Contest, also known as Challenge24, is held every year in Budapest on the last weekend of April or the first weekend of May.

Tryout online: Electronic Contest (EC) is a six-hour online qualification round.

Register here

Teams of three solve complex programming, artificial intelligence and mathematical problems during the 24 hours of the final round. Challenge24 is one of the few contests where participants are free to choose their tools, platforms and programming languages, and problems are presented only using open file formats.



Share your Challenge24 experience!

Have you got a good Challenge24 story? Would you like to share it? Like this (from 2012):

Do not try to solve any task by hand. There's always a trick in the background (we tried to submit the number of triangles by hand in the first 2 minutes, but of course, there was a trick involved, so we earned a nice -5 points just after the contest started).


Challenge24 in 2014

Dates of contest days in 2014


Next year's poster is available!

You can view the official Challenge24 (2014) poster:

Challenge24 2014 poster

If you like it, please download here & share within you community! It would be awesome!


Are you interested in becoming a contestant?

We kindly recommend to you to watch this video:

MPG (Download)

Challege 24 (2013)


Former website under the Archive

You can view our former website (2013) under the Archive section: here


Here are the final results

Havka-papstvo won second times in a row. Congratulations!


The final results are on the team list page, and you can view the photos in the gallery.
Solutions and editorials are in the archive.

Here is the video of the finals: YouTube | MPG (Download)

  • Havka-papstvo (Russia) - 10 740 points
  • SPb_NRU_ITMO_1 (Russia & Belarus) - 10 194 points
  • Charles_University_Legion (Slovakia & Czech Republic) - 9961 points
  • Unutterable (Russia) - 9388 points
  • No_Time_To_Choose_A_Team_Name (Poland) - 8973 points
  • PigsAndHedgehogs (Russia) - 8795 points

  • 2013-04-27

    View the photos of the contest

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    pic pic pic pic

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    You can look at the photos here: Gallery - 2013