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Q1. What is Challenge24?

Challenge24 is a traditional international 24 hours programming contest held in Budapest. You can read more about the story of the contest here.

Q2. What kind of programming problems should we expect?

The electronic contest usually contains various algorithmic (more theoretical) and coding (more technical) problems. Check out the archive to get a better picture.

The main task of the finals is completely secret, but it usually requires a wide range of programming skills as well as good management of time and resources within the team. It is also a lot of fun.

Q3. What can I use for solving the problems?

Check out the rules of the contest.

There is no restriction on the tools or documentation you can use, but you're not allowed to consult other people about the tasks. The problems are designed so that they do not depend on a particular piece of software or architecture.

Q4. My team does not have three members, what can I do?

Only groups of three are allowed to compete.

If you are unable to make up a whole team, then you can write to us in time, and we might be able to help you to organize a team.

Q5. What does 'CV' mean?

CV = Curriculum Vitae = your professional profile, including your personal details, professional experience, educational background, languages spoken, hobbies etc.

Q6. What is the required CV format?

The CV has to be "European Style", a list of facts about you. The appareance of the CV tells a lot about you, try to make it look great! You will have to upload your CV in PDF format.

For more information, see here or here.

Q7. What has to be included in my CV?

Please make sure your CV contains all the information given below. (Otherwise it will be rejected!)

Q8. What else is useful in the CV?

Q9. Can the organizers help arranging access to <religious event/ liturgy/ live sports coverage> during or right before/after the finals?

We will try our best; please send us an email describing your needs. Events already known/arranged:

Q10. How many teams are invited to the finals?

Technically the best ~50 teams of the EC are invited first; these teams then decide about accepting or declining the invitation. The first 3 finalist teams from the previous year are part of this set and they have to accept the invitation as well (they are on top of this list).

After a reasonable deadline, the first 30 teams who accept the invitation are to fly to Budapest. Teams who got the invitation and explicitly declined or failed to accept in time or accepted but are not in the best 30 accepts are not participating in the finals.