Final results of the electronic contest (26th February, 2006)

We can invite 30 teams to Budapest for the final (including the 3 top teams from last year, so that is 27+3)

Therefore, we kindly ask you if you placed 1..50 to e-mail us (using the link next to your team name), indicating whether you have a realistic chance participating in the final (or at least have a serious intention). Start looking for sponsors and cheap air-lines; you have more than one month to accomplish that.

It would be highly appreciated if you could confirm your intentions by no later than March 19, 2006. We know that this is very soon, but this is a courtesy to other teams. We just want to have some kind of update on your status; to see that you are actively looking for funding, etc. You can of course cancel this later, but if there is no solution please let us know ASAP, so other teams with less demanding travel expenses (e.g. teams from the neighboring countries and from Hungary) can come. Please respect this.

Please don't forget to upload some picture taken by/about your team into the gallery!

Status Legend (S column): The best 50 teams are Invited. Some of them has already Confirmed their intention, and we were already able to Accept a few (who can compete for sure)

This list contains all the teams who have successfully participated to the Electronic Contest! The best 27+3 will be invited to the final to Budapest!

A-10Garbage Collectors  Poland Poland Poland 
A-8qwertY  Poland Poland Poland 
A-152Trial Version  Hungary Hungary Hungary 
1.A-182IHimalaya ZerglingsChina China China 427024009808096870884910
2.A-241AUPC Barcelona TamarrosSpain Spain Spain 41172400100085460080773810
3.A-63ALag BernhardssonSweden Sweden Sweden 4092240010007858320913562
4.A-200ATeamisoaraRomania Romania Romania 383424009107496310582962
5.A-167AminersPoland Poland Poland 382224009617825570582940
6.A-80AVégzetes KivételHungary Hungary Hungary 363324009806545400595864
7.A-164Apizza2codeHungary Hungary Hungary 362624009907814890566800
8.A-116CProcrastinationLithuania Lithuania Lithuania 3497240010004716140536876
9.A-106AFast and Furious Most WantedHungary Hungary Hungary 349624009218654950235980
10.A-189ARustyPoland Poland Poland 34432400100080580808273
11.A-96IWarsaw PredatorsPoland Poland Poland 34182400100008710920627
12.A-216AScript KiddiesHungary Hungary Hungary 3273240095068669600941
13.A-37ABuheratorzHungary Hungary Hungary 327124009597511700551840
14.A-222IDeltaIran Iran Iran 3141240093081770406900
15.A-150AAEIOUAustria Austria Austria 3002240088984967205920
16.A-108ABlue Screen DevelopmentHungary Hungary Hungary 29792400930800180301930
17.A-155ARoyal Air ForceSerbia and Montenegro Serbia and Montenegro Serbia and Montenegro 29492400837685030590951
18.A-158IJKmenChina China China 290624009901583770496885
19.A-95Abeer-to-beerHungary Hungary Hungary 2868240008715890518890
20.A-84IBarton Fan ClubFinland Finland Finland 281224009461623100519875
21.A-103ApuddingforceHungary Hungary Hungary 2812240093464168205550
22.A-242AUPC-6Spain Spain Spain 2775240095005950834396
23.A-1AThe BreakpointsPoland Poland Poland 2773240094877867603710
24.A-55ARagacsHungary Hungary Hungary 2694240071307300420831
25.A-277ICrackAttack!Iran Iran Iran 266824008808487900861
26.A-231ALes BlotièresSweden Sweden Sweden 2626240076504570789615
27.A-288CBalefireIran Iran Iran 2571240093176132705520
28.A-289APTrollsHungary Hungary Hungary 2564240083777337205820
29.A-240AGarfield BeheadersSpain Spain Spain 2556240010008036720810
30.A-7AJagiellonian North-SouthPoland Poland Poland 250124009266360100911
31.A-274ALions NišSerbia and Montenegro Serbia and Montenegro Serbia and Montenegro 2496240089374368301770
32.A-239AUPC - Si es que va!Spain Spain Spain 24752400960697930264389
33.A-58CRukelloIran Iran Iran 245224009667353800875
34.A-13ATexas CodeboysUnited States United States United States 244324009706757808280
35.A-3IGeniusIran Iran Iran 24092400858792759000
36.A-127INo Leaf CloverIran Iran Iran 235424009408105250790
37.A-11AMacMixHungary Hungary Hungary 233924008708400544841
38.A-235AMit nekem te zordon Kárpátoknak fenyvesekkel vadregényes tájaHungary Hungary Hungary 2329240093824510251894
39.A-78CThe Good, the Bad and the DestructorHungary Hungary Hungary 23272400900716107100
40.A-193IHabAppetitAuchOhneDasGermany Germany Germany 230224008648484940960
41.A-293CNice try.Hungary Hungary Hungary 22842400940728106150
42.A-298Ibrave miceUkraine Ukraine Ukraine 22772400877727673000
43.A-310CYBWUkraine Ukraine Ukraine 2254240097047556602430
44.A-192CphantomLithuania Lithuania Lithuania 2178240023766173805420
45.A-184CItalian ADSItaly Italy Italy 213424006056100645823
46.A-259IKTH Output format errorSweden Sweden Sweden 21192400865069505554
47.A-210IOrel_01Russia Russia Russia 20982400947372779000
48.A-254 DefaultTeamUkraine Ukraine Ukraine 2037240080339759902380
49.A-92 mIND1Hungary Hungary Hungary 18562400970163807150
50.A-300 coredumpHungary Hungary Hungary 18312400948031700566
51.A-228 Red DwarfPoland Poland Poland 1812240083276000904
52.A-262 Borsuk KomandoPoland Poland Poland 1810240099195721003
53.A-190 Lord of the PingsHungary Hungary Hungary 1809240090060000849
54.A-115 teamnameHungary Hungary Hungary 1745240089183713004
55.A-229 Why Hurry?Poland Poland Poland 17302400100018426602782
56.A-18 venidiciHungary Hungary Hungary 1717240092071800079
57.A-267 VoidPoland Poland Poland 171224008320000880
58.A-309 Perras del infiernoSpain Spain Spain 16862400794026306290
59.A-97 Uniandes - RapapaingColombia Colombia Colombia 167424008480008260
60.A-269 ASZNHungary Hungary Hungary 16682400890016706038
61.A-110 PugžlysLithuania Lithuania Lithuania 166824009636746001780
62.A-47 TheCoreHungary Hungary Hungary 166824009317370000
63.A-33 NoOneHungary Hungary Hungary 164224008707711000
64.A-119 emulatorHungary Hungary Hungary 161324009766370000
65.A-290 DukeHungary Hungary Hungary 16102400920027804120
66.A-36 SAS-1Hungary Hungary Hungary 16072400100059905390
67.A-180 we'kingsHungary Hungary Hungary 15822400841315426000
68.A-302 Armada of AlgorithmsHungary Hungary Hungary 150424008500000654
69.A-206 sleep(0)Hungary Hungary Hungary 143624009060530000
70.A-85 OblivionPoland Poland Poland 14152400316496006030
71.A-40 PDAPoland Poland Poland 1261240093078002530
72.A-46 YETIODOKHungary Hungary Hungary 120324007200483000
73.A-121 retryHungary Hungary Hungary 119524000000652543
74.A-157 nemtudomHungary Hungary Hungary 119024008300003600
75.A-198 KilogrammersLithuania Lithuania Lithuania 118724000369000818
76.A-144 TerpsUnited States United States United States 1083240081756002460
77.A-105 & CoHungary Hungary Hungary 107624000000245831
78.A-81 gotoksziHungary Hungary Hungary 103924008210218000
79.A-248 Brain Cluster Inc.Hungary Hungary Hungary 1025240083816621000
80.A-202 Kasra 2006Iran Iran Iran 9972400924730000
81.A-15 TEAmLithuania Lithuania Lithuania 977240044151718001
82.A-177 KojedzinszkyHungary Hungary Hungary 96924008501190000
83.A-246 Archi-DataHungary Hungary Hungary 9452400880650000
84.A-117 DeeFuseHungary Hungary Croatia (Hrvatska) 929240092900000
85.A-208 UPC-07 Spain Spain Spain 924240092000004
86.A-48 Project MayhemHungary Hungary Hungary 91124001707410000
87.A-146 Cerebrum CortexIran Iran Iran 902240090200000
88.A-266 3 BélaHungary Hungary Hungary 898240089080000
89.A-151 Retro Groovy FruitCzech Republic Czech Republic Czech Republic 8942400008500809
90.A-178 FolyékonyKenyérHungary Hungary Hungary 890240089000000
91.A-191 UPC4Spain Spain Spain 8882400790508040
92.A-280 Einar errorSweden Sweden Sweden 885240088500000
93.A-75 ez.zHungary Hungary Hungary 884240088400000
94.A-223 NilHungary Hungary Hungary 860240086000000
95.A-303 TimeoutHungary Hungary Hungary 858240084900009
96.A-42 Carrot CakeHungary Hungary Hungary 840240084000000
97.A-307 Norton CommandersPoland Poland Poland 8402400830000010
98.A-187 Az nem úgy vót!Hungary Hungary Hungary 837240000300834
99.A-258 ACK!Lithuania Lithuania Lithuania 830240083000000
100.A-172 Assert ZeroPoland Poland Poland 808240000000808
101.A-201 sbHungary Hungary Hungary 801240080001000
102.A-93 Mártsál ZsírtHungary Hungary Hungary 7922400719073000
103.A-261 upc3Spain Spain Spain 786240078600000
104.A-23 BitKnightsHungary Hungary Hungary 7842400837001000
105.A-99 ART - AGH Rotfl TeamPoland Poland Poland 74924003360409004
106.A-253 asdfHungary Hungary Hungary 7422400670675000
107.A-70 Pattogó MentálzokniHungary Hungary Hungary 704240000000704
108.A-251 young_teamUkraine Ukraine Ukraine 65124000413002380
109.A-264 IFE TULPoland Poland Poland 615240000615000
110.A-232 I+eMHungary Hungary Hungary 5922400920000500
111.A-243 IdontkONwHungary Hungary Hungary 592240000592000
112.A-100 Universal TruthGreece Greece Greece 559240000559000
113.A-283 Maci 89Hungary Hungary Hungary 44024000124003160
114.A-238 RépaHungary Hungary Hungary 425240004205000
115.A-207 blINDsHungary Hungary Hungary 416240041402000
116.A-74 Hack&SlashHungary Hungary Hungary 29824000836024410
117.A-209 Fast BackupHungary Hungary Hungary 276240002715000
118.A-226 Mostly HarmlessHungary Hungary Hungary 24924000720016710
119.A-123 UstafaciCzech Republic Czech Republic Czech Republic 178240006001720
120.A-237 NeuProgTeamHungary Hungary Hungary 174240017004000
121.A-236 Narnia GyozteseiRomania Romania Romania 158240000001580
122.A-125 KeToVa TeamHungary Hungary Hungary 106240001060000
123.A-287 VPI VSTURussia Russia Russia 8724008502000
124.A-128 Uniandes - Eternal Golden BraidColombia Colombia Colombia 8124000000810
125.A-124 INSAnityFrance France France 6824000680000
126.A-132 AnnajiatBangladesh Bangladesh Bangladesh 6224000611000
127.A-278 DefusionHungary Hungary Hungary 6124000610000
128.A-34 PipelineHungary Hungary Hungary 2724000027000
129.A-220 Los Ojos LocosBosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina 42400004000
130.A-230 HTMLHungary Hungary Hungary 32400003000
131.A-286 Karlsruhe2004Hungary Hungary Hungary 32400030000
132.A-25 Bamboocha Brainstorming Security Hacking TeamHungary Hungary Hungary 22400002000
133.A-275 API TeamHungary Hungary Hungary 02400000000
134.A-305 Anti-PatternHungary Hungary Hungary 02400000000
135.A-39 Digital ManiacsHungary Hungary Hungary 02400000000
136.A-141 Fanni NavigatorIran Iran Iran 02400000000
137.A-224 ICSHungary Hungary Hungary 02400000000
138.A-148 Matchstick PalsIran Iran Iran 02400000000
139.A-221 MegrolIran Iran Iran 02400000000
140.A-273 Szeged PocoksHungary Hungary Hungary 02400000000
141.A-60 Time's Up!Hungary Hungary Serbia and Montenegro 02400000000
142.A-291 VetsNRT03Serbia and Montenegro Serbia and Montenegro Serbia and Montenegro 02400000000
143.A-297 dbmIran Iran Iran 02400000000
144.A-270 fatalerrorHungary Serbia and Montenegro Hungary 02400000000
145.A-219 win2codeIndia India India 02400000000

Overall participation (number of participants from each country):
Hungary  216(48.65%)Poland  51(11.49%)Iran  36(8.11%)Spain  24(5.41%)
Lithuania  18(4.05%)Sweden  12(2.70%)Ukraine  12(2.70%)Serbia and Montenegro  11(2.48%)
Colombia  6(1.35%)Czech Republic  6(1.35%)Russia  6(1.35%)United States  6(1.35%)
Romania  6(1.35%)China  6(1.35%)Greece  3(0.68%)Bangladesh  3(0.68%)
Bosnia and Herzegovina  3(0.68%)France  3(0.68%)Germany  3(0.68%)Finland  3(0.68%)
Italy  3(0.68%)Austria  3(0.68%)India  3(0.68%)Croatia (Hrvatska)  1(0.23%)
Total: 444

Invited (including the members of the teams with confirmed or accepted status):
Hungary  45(30.00%)Poland  21(14.00%)Iran  18(12.00%)Spain  12(8.00%)
Sweden  9(6.00%)Ukraine  6(4.00%)China  6(4.00%)Serbia and Montenegro  6(4.00%)
Lithuania  6(4.00%)Italy  3(2.00%)Russia  3(2.00%)Germany  3(2.00%)
United States  3(2.00%)Romania  3(2.00%)Finland  3(2.00%)Austria  3(2.00%)
Total: 150

Confirmed (including the members of the teams with accepted status):
Hungary  45(39.47%)Poland  18(15.79%)Spain  12(10.53%)Iran  6(5.26%)
Serbia and Montenegro  6(5.26%)Lithuania  6(5.26%)Sweden  6(5.26%)Italy  3(2.63%)
Ukraine  3(2.63%)United States  3(2.63%)Romania  3(2.63%)Austria  3(2.63%)
Total: 114

Hungary  39(43.33%)Poland  18(20.00%)Spain  12(13.33%)Serbia and Montenegro  6(6.67%)
Sweden  6(6.67%)United States  3(3.33%)Romania  3(3.33%)Austria  3(3.33%)
Total: 90

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