Budapest University of Technology and Economics
5th International 24-hour Programming Contest


1A-27Garbage CollectorsPoland Poland Poland 820
2A-135qwertYPoland Poland Poland 745
3A-44Trial VersionHungary Hungary Hungary 736
4A-1Balloons'R'usSweden Sweden Sweden 718
5A-11Végzetes KivételHungary Hungary Hungary 669
5A-2Jon far BestammaSweden Sweden Sweden 669
7A-8SzinergomHungary Hungary Hungary 661
8A-282Vörös Október LézernyusziHungary Hungary Hungary 633
9A-100Lag BernhardssonSweden Sweden Sweden 613
10A-131KilogrammersLithuania Lithuania Lithuania 583
10A-105Blue Screen DevelopmentHungary Hungary Hungary 583
12A-284noname314Argentina Argentina Argentina 582
13A-55We'KingsHungary Hungary Hungary 571
14A-241The BreakpointsPoland Poland Poland 517
15A-264EljakimNetherlands Netherlands Netherlands 512
16A-85AEIOUAustria Austria Austria 501
17A-169MKMRomania Romania Romania 500
18A-69Ankh-Morpork's Programmers' GuildHungary Hungary Hungary 497
19A-29Ruger 77Hungary Hungary Hungary 486
20A-32beer-to-beerHungary Hungary Hungary 471
21A-242BBPoland Poland Poland 464
22A-244PDAPoland Poland Poland 444
23A-2306IMOS3IOISLithuania Lithuania Lithuania 442
24A-273I+eMHungary Hungary Hungary 440
25A-143nesnausk!Lithuania Lithuania Germany 428
26A-203ancient gnu huntersPoland Poland Poland 418
27A-20Third ImpactHungary Hungary Hungary 404
28A-231zillion brave miceUkraine Ukraine Ukraine 380
29A-16Hanky PankyHungary Hungary Hungary 364
30A-93GradiensHungary Hungary Hungary 357

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graphic design: Axxel
slicing, rigging: Siroki